Party Jars – Kids and Adults

A unique and fun way to say thank you to birthday and other party guests. A more sustainable lolly bag or party favour customised to your needs. Starting from $3 a jar.

Easter Jars

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for your friends and family. From chickies to bunnies to Easter eggs, these jars will be that extra special gift that everyone will be talking about. Starting from $3 a jar.

Wedding Bonbonniere Jars

Affordable, unique and classy wedding bonbonniere jars. A wonderful thank you gift to your guest that will last a lifetime. Lots of different themes that can complement your wedding style. Starting from $3 a jar.

Thank You Jars

A special cutomised jar to say thank you to friends, families, coaches, mentors and the special people in your life. From as little as $5 a jar.

Corporate Jars

Want your brand to stick out. Jars all about your business are the way to go. Customised to your needs, these iconic jars will have your VIPs talking. Prices dependent on your needs.

Iconic Gift Jar

Specially made gift jars for the lucky person in your life. Personalise it with a theme and include all your lucky ones favourite items. Prices dependent on your needs.

What’s this jar thing about?

We love jars. We love decorating jars. We love filling jars with all the good things. Our jars are made to order to meet your requirements. No idea to big or small. They are suitable for all occasions. We can personalise with pictures and text for when you want a memory to last, a brand to take off or just because….

Our decorated jars are lovely homemade. We believe in the power of the jar as a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to give a gift. Jars can be used for all sorts of great storage solutions time and time again.

We are family business. A mum and daughter who love decorating jars. We are reliable and want to make you happy. A smile from you means we have done our job well. As a family business we aim to be affordable and do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Give us a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Jar Jar Fliss – give us a call or email

Felicity is waiting for your call on 0429889616 or email on Our small jars start from just $3 per jar, medium jars from $4, large jars $5 and extra large from $6. Prices are dependent on flip top or screw tops and what kind of filling you want. Fillings can include lollies, chocolates, novelty toys, popcorn (plain or variety of flavours), gingerbread and shortbread. For special gifts prices can be provided.